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List of My Books

I started writing as a young child. I have always had a lot to say, in person, and in writing. For most of my life books printed on paper were the only way to communicate to the masses, and so I followed this path. I also used physical paper, tape, scissors and copy machines to produce my wine newsletter, and various other publications.

With the popularity of the Internet I started to share my thoughts on the Web. At one time or another I have maintained up to 2 dozen different sites at once. I have slimmed back more than a bit, but I still have quite a few sites for you to visit.

The iPad and Kindle brought a publishing revolution that made it easier, and cheaper than ever to share my expertise and opinions. These venues also allowed me to start collaborating with my wife, Famed Photographer, Janet Engelhard.

A search today of Amazon or iTunes bookstore will bring up a variety of our books, both in print and electronic. Chances are, there will be more every time you check.



For a listing of books by Stephen Reiss, search on Amazon or iTunes Bookstore. For a more complete listing of websites, visit one, and follow links to the others. The three listed here are can be considered the "main" sites.



Food, wine and travel books are my mainstay. The list continues to grow as I put my thoughts down in words, often illustrated with Jan’s photos. The driving force behind all of the books is to help clear away the fear and confusion from all of these subjects, to make food, wine and travel more accessible to everyone. There are too many titles on the growing list, but a search of your local book seller, Amazon or iTunes Book Store will yield the most up to date results.
Current List of My Books

Wine Education


Since 1995 this site has helped hundreds of thousands of people a year to learn more about and become more comfortable with wine. Games, maps, and no nonsense articles about every aspect of wine appreciation.

Mendoza Wineries


This web based app is the product of six years in Argentina exploring the wines and wineries. The site and its companion books help visitors to the Mendoza region narrow down their choices from the hundreds of wineries to tour. Rich with photos, information and very exacting geolocations (don’t trust Google Maps) for over 175 wineries.

With Stevie


People regularly ask me where I get my ideas for the hundreds of unique 7 course meals (and a few 20 course lunches) I have created over the last few years. The answer is little help, since I just come up with them out of the blue.

To make it easier for the rest of you there is Cooking With Stevie. A site dedicated less to recipes and more to helping with the onerous task of coming up with ideas. A dynamic site that uses advanced data base features, and hundreds of photographs, to help you decide what to cook for dinner, or dinner parties.